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The Halifax Acadian and Francophone Partnership is a multi-stakeholder coalition of partners committed to working together to raise the profile of the Acadian and Francophone community in Halifax Regional Municipality, HRM.

The Partnership was established as a roundtable following a restorative approach by Mr. Lucien Comeau to the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission. The issue in dispute was the quality of instruction truly equivalent to that offered by English-language schools to the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP) schools in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). The failure by HRM to pay an equitable portion of the additional school tax to French first language schools in Halifax and Dartmouth between 1991 and 2006 had a direct and negative impact on the quality of education they were able to provide.

On Friday August 14, 2015, HRM announces that an agreement with Lucien Comeau has been reached. The agreement includes a commitment by HRM to continue to improve and advise the Acadian and Francophone community's relationships through the framework that forms part of the remedial agreement, including:

  • The linguistic and cultural vitality of HRM's Acadian and Francophone community;

  • Acadian and Francophone awareness and education;

  • Employability of young Francophones in the Greater Halifax Area.

To reduce duplication of effort, the Province of Nova Scotia is committed to participating in the Partnership to improve community-municipal relations. The objective is to restore and strengthen HRM's and the Province's relations with the Acadian and Francophone community of the municipality.

One of the priorities identified is the establishment of a Centre de l'Acadie et de la Francophonie in Halifax, with the possibility of donation or land exchange, or another form of support to be explored.

In 2016, the Partnership, in collaboration with the Grand-Havre Community Council, created the Grand-Havre Community Foundation with a financial contribution of $75,000 from HRM and $75,000 from the Province: www.ccgh.ca/fondation. The Foundation aims to promote French culture and language and increase the participation of members of the Acadian and Francophone community within HRM; the Foundation selects and awards scholarships and grants on an annual basis in order to offer :


Financial assistance to Acadian and Francophone graduate students from our CSAP schools in HRM, to enable them

  •     to pursue graduate studies (university, college or other), preferably but not necessarily in French, in Canada.

  •     Activities that promote community development, outreach and visibility.

  •     Promotion of community programs and services.

  •     Leadership initiatives that help recognize community organizations.

The Partnership is led by two co-chairs, one appointed by HRM and the other by the community and members have met every two months since its inception. Permanent members are bilingual representatives of community organizations, the Province and the Municipality:

  • The General Directorate, Grand-Havre Community Council;

  • Regional management, central region of the Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial;

  • Three managers from the  Branch: the Co-Chair, the Director General of Francophone Services, and the Coordinato of Francophone Services;
  • A student from Summit High School

  • A student from the École du Carrefour
  • A representative of the Province to be appointed by the Province;

  • A representative from Université Ste-Anne;
  • One representative from the Nova Scotia Economic Development Board;

  • Three community representatives - including a representative from the Chezzetcook area;
  • A student from a Halifax institution of higher learning or a young adult;

  • A representative of the School Advisory Committees (SACs) and/or Homeschools.


Observers: Francophone Immigration from Nova Scotia, Canadian Parents for French, Nova Scotia at Work-YMCA, Alliance Française Halifax; Association of French Speaking Jurists in Nova Scotia; Francophone Chambre of Commerce of Halifax; Federation of Acadian Women in Nova Scotia; Acadian Parents' Federation of Nova Scotia; Francophone and Acadian Seniors of Nova Scotia; Réseau Santé of Nova Scotia.

Presentations to date: Francophone Immigration, Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, HRM Diversity and Inclusion Office, Canadian Parents for French, HRM Chief Administrator, Honorary Consul of France in Halifax (and soon French Consul General for the Atlantic Region).

Partnership and partner projects completed to date :

  • Establishment of two permanent bilingual positions within HRM: a Francophone Services Coordinator in the Communications Section, and a Liaison Officer in the Diversity and Inclusion Section

  • Reconnaissance wall located on the 4th floor of the new central library on the Spring Garden;

  • Flag raising ceremony at Grand Parade on August 15, National Acadian Day, in the presence of the mayor, municipal councillors and members of the Halifax Acadian and Francophone community;

  • Partnership website that includes, among other things, a calendar of cultural events and a directory of services in French in HRM: www.partenariathalifax.com

  • Hiring of interns to improve services in French for HRM and the Conseil communautaire du Grand-Havre;

  • Trilingual (English-French-Mi'kmaq) welcome signs on highways approaching Halifax;

  • Increased services, access to promotion of events in French in HRM, library;

  • Establishment of a working group and report on services in French.


The Partenariat acadien et francophone de Halifax is there for you and

to bring the community together!