The Acadian and Francophone Partnership of Halifax is a multipartite coalition of partners committed to work together towards linguistic and cultural development of the Acadian and Francophone community in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

The permanent members of the Partnership are bilingual representatives of the organizations, the Province and the Municipality:

Executive Director, Conseil communautaire du Grand-Havre

Regional Director, Central Region of Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial

An employee of HRM or anyone assigned to the work with the Partenariat on behalf of the Municipality; lthe French-Language Coordinator of HRM.

A student representative of l’École secondaire du Sommet

A student representative of l’École du Carrefour

A representative of the Province to be named by the Province

A representative of the Université Ste-Anne

A representative of the Conseil de développement économique de la Nouvelle Écosse

Three representatives of the community in the HRM:

a representative from the community as a whole;

a representative from the Chezzetcook region;

the Secretary of the two committees for the Centre de l'Acadie et de la Francophonie de Halifax

A student in post-secondary studies in Halifax or a young adult

A representative of the  Comités d’École Consultatif (CEC) and/or Foyers écoles

​Other provincial and regional organisations in the HRM

All Acadian, Francophone and Francophile organizations are invited to collaborate on a specific topic to ensure its success:

Alliance Française Halifax



Association des juristes d'expression française de la Nouvelle-Écosse



​​Canadian Parents for French

Centre de ressources des familles militaires Halifax et région

Chambre de Commerce francophone de Halifax

​​Nouvelle-Écosse au travail – YMCA

​​​​Fédération des Femmes acadiennes de la N.-É.

Fédération des Parents acadiens de la N.-É.

​​Immigration francophone Nouvelle-Écosse



Regroupement des aînés de la Nouvelle-Écosse

Réseau Santé Nouvelle-Écosse


École secondaire du Sommet